... beyond meditation  

Did you ever regret a wrong decision? Did you ever ignore that voice within when it gave you a direction for your life? Do you wish you could go back and do it all over again listening to that voice from within?

Connecting is beyond meditation. 

Use the tools of Connecting to enhance your experience of meditation and hear the answers to questions you have about your life. These answers will be unique to you and will guide you along your life’s journey. These answers are quite different from what you would get from the mind. The mind will judge the situation based on a passed experience, evaluate and give you what to do. The mind’s answers usually leave you in upset or regret. 


The INDIRA TOOLS will allow you to “connect” to that inner knowing. You never have to regret following the path that is given to you from Self. These answers will open up the path of the journey you are here to walk.

In 21 days, experience a shift from your Mind’s concerns, worry, fear, upset, or disconnect in an area of your life, to having answers and actions that bring you an experience of joy and real peace.

I went from being a mother and housewife without knowing my own worth, to starting my own home business and making my own money.  - Nicole

After a second divorce that was devastating I transformed from needing someone to protect me to knowing my inner strength. Within a year I built up my salon and now have a thriving business where I am in control and living a full life.  - Maria