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"Make Life Work" Program

discover the answers to making your life work, in any area of your life

Join the thousands of people who are going to the intuitive part of them, called Self, for the answers to make life work. 


No other program or tool taps into the intuitive part of you that guarantees results in your life.

When areas of life feel like they aren't working ... you have to go to where your current life results are originating from. What you will discover is that your current life is originating from answers you are getting from your logical mind.

In the "Make Life Work" program you will release your logical mind and you will discover the answers from another part of you, called your Self.

This program is designed to intervene in how you are approaching the situations in your life that aren't working the way you want it to by following these steps.

Step 1 – see how your mind is creating your current results
Step 2 – release and unplug your mind to breakthrough its patterns
Step 3 – hear the answers from your intuitive Self

Having the life you want IS now possible and simple with this program. 



Looking for the answers on how to make her life work since childhood ... Indira tapped into her intuitive Self for the answers that created the life she wanted.

From having no understanding of her purpose and no meaning to her life … her life changed when she discovered the difference between her logical mind and another part of her, called her intuitive Self. She began living from her Self ... every area of her life began changing to the life she wanted to have. 

She has spent the past two decades sharing her tools to make life work through her workshops, programs and events and personal and group coaching to hundreds of people globally. 

Through her online program Make Life Work it is now possible for anyone, anywhere to have the life they want with her personal guidance and coaching.

Get ready to make life work for you!

You are our most important priority. We are with you every step of the way! We will help you make your life work, so that you can live the life you want.

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-Digital Video Training 

You will create a login, and get access to your digital training anytime, anywhere online. You'll have unlimited access to Indira’s video series that starts off with you choosing a category of your life (Relationships, Career, Health, Finances, Other) as your focus. Then the series will: 

  • Train you to see how your mind is creating your current results
  • Guide you in how to release and unplug your mind
  • Train you to hear your intuitive Self for answers 

-Personalized Coaching

A 35-minute call with Indira each month.

Each month Indira will work with you by bringing her intuitive ability to know where your mind is keeping you stuck in your life. She will coach, guide and train you in moving your life forward to creating a fulfilling life.


-Daily Connection

You'll get access to a 15 minute Daily Connection audio, to listen to on-the-go. This audio will guide you in unplugging and releasing your mind daily, powerfully setting you up to train yourself to get answers from your intuitive Self. 



Make My Life Work Program
$49 / month