Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose this way to live my life?

INDIRA method and tools are revolutionary because for the first time you have a reliable way to address your concerns and issues in life from your Self.

Many people live with pain, fear, and worry as a way of life unable to have peace of mind. Situations like, the death of a loved one, losing a child to addiction, having a terminal illness, ending a marriage, struggling with difficult relationships etc.

Living a life from your Self addresses the concerns of life from “all is as it should be”. This dramatic contextual shift expands your ability to share, reveal more of who you are and expand your capacity to love. This shift in energy aligns life with your purpose and vision. Life becomes exciting, inspiring, rewarding and most of all, fulfilling and satisfying.


What are the benefits of choosing this way of living life?

By choosing to live from your Self you diminish or eliminate stress, concern, and worry as a predominant energy in your life. You begin to have more trust in your inner compass than the logic of the Mind. You have a deeper understanding of why things are happening and this puts the control of life in your hands. This paradigm shift builds your self-confidence as you continue to take the actions that come from your Self. You can ‘smell the roses’ as you confront all of life’s challenges.


What are the kinds of questions I may have in my life?

Some of the questions you may have in your life are questions like -

Do I really want to call back my date from last night?
How can I get my child to listen to me?
What is the right treatment for my life threatening illness?
Is leaving my relationship or marriage the right decision?
Is changing careers what I should be doing now?
How do I stay true to what I know to do to take care of my wellbeing?  


Why are the answers from the Self different from the Mind?

The difference between the Minds answers and the Selfs answers is that the Mind relates to what is happening from the perspective that something ‘isn’t the way it should be’ and needs to be fixed. As such, these answers never bring you real peace. It only resolves it for the moment until another problem comes along.

The Self relates to what is happening from the perspective that ‘all is as it should be’ and the next step to discover more about life. As such, these answers build on your life and evoke real peace. These answers expand your awareness about your journey in life and give you access to your inner wisdom. Life becomes exciting, engaging, and connected as you move forward into more openings and opportunities to be your trueself.


Why are the INDIRA tools unlike anything else?

Most of you have read many books, taken many classes or programs to find real peace and true happiness. However, each person’s journey in life is unique. No other person can fully and truly understand your situation. They may be empathetic and supportive BUT your experience of what you feel is totally yours alone. Our tools work because there isn’t any other place that trains you in knowing the difference between the Mind and the Self. By training yourself to hear your Self as clearly as you hear your Mind, you are getting what is unique to you, to your situation and experience. You are not getting a ‘cookie cutter’ solution from coaches, books, friends, family, google etc. You are getting it from you. This is empowering, satisfying and brings a peace that is unimaginable.

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