The "Change Your Life" Program
is simple, flexible and will impact your life.

This program is designed to change your life, in any area of your life that you want to focus on. We suggested some areas you might want to look at where you want to make some change in your life.

Start by choosing one of the possible area(s) below to make a change.



  • In your existing relationships, significantly expand the love, joy and partnership
  • Disappear the stress, anxiety, wonderment and heartbreak of finding and being in a powerful personal relationship
  • Discover a new relationship with your Self and experience loving you for who you are


  • Discover passion, enthusiasm and productivity in your existing job
  • Disappear the stress, anxiety, and frustration of finding a fulfilling job or of growing in an existing job
  • Discover a career you love that nurtures you in your life


  • Naturally make healthy choices that support your wellbeing in your life
  • Disappear the stress, anxiety and worry of managing your health
  • Discover from your intuitive Self what there is to honor your body and your health


  • Disappear the stress, anxiety, worry and frustration of finances and money
  • Discover how to have your finances and money work for you
  • Discover how money becomes a tool for the life you want rather than a constant concern or worry


  • Discover your purpose and meaning for your life

  • Bring clarity to your life’s journey and disappear the doubts, fear and uncertainty about your life


No that you can see the area(s) you want to change in your life this is how the program will make that change.

Your Online Program Includes:
These are the 4 elements of the program, when followed, will assure changing your life.


1. Anytime, Anywhere Core Digital Training
Videos & exercises in 4 simple steps, starting with you choosing the area of your life you want to focus on. You’ll then reveal how your mind works and limits you in those areas of your life. You will discover how to unplug the mind with a guided audio. And, you will begin to train yourself to Connect to You and hear this intuitive Self. You’ll go through a 1 hour digital training at least once a week. If you increase this frequency the results will occur faster.

2. Daily Connection Audio
A daily mp3 audio to listen to each day that strengthens you in unplugging your mind.

3. Monthly Guidance Emails, Coaching Calls, Videos
You’ll receive added support and guidance from Indira through monthly emails, videos and group coaching calls designed to change the results in your life in the areas you are focused on.

4. Exclusive Facebook Community Group
A private, member-only Facebook group for participants where you’ll share your experiences of unplugging your mind in the area you are focused on, and get direct input from Indira. Get daily insights, tips and ongoing training from Indira to support your development in Connecting to your Self.



Are you ready to take on having

 It will cost you less than most gym memberships.

Cost: $49 per month




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