Are you tired of putting up with your life?
Are you frustrated with not getting where you want to be in your life?
Are you feeling like your life is stuck and you can’t move it forward?
Do you wonder “How can I actually have the life I want?”
Do you question “Is what I am doing going to give me the life I want?”


You’ve come to the right place.

INDIRA Life is a hub for changing your life to the life you want,
by learning how to unplug your mind. We are a community of people (just like you) who are discovering that having the life we want is effortless when we can unplug the mind.





Unplugging your mind sounds familiar, right? But when we say unplug your mind, we first relate to your mind as everything you know. Ever since you were born, your mind has captured your experiences, people’s opinions and everything about your life to make decisions in all areas of your life. You are trained to think your mind is YOU. You are trained to think your thoughts are YOU.

This is not true. 

YOU are not your mind. YOU are not your thoughts.

We teach you how to actually unplug your mind – releasing the thoughts and decisions it has made about your life which keeps your life always feeling stuck or “not what I want for myself.”

When you learn to unplug your mind, you then discover YOU.

We then train you how to connect and listen to the part of you, that we call your Self – your inner wisdom, your “gut feeling”, the real YOU.

Living your life by unplugging your mind starts to change your life. Amazing accomplishments happen and along the way you lose the stress, the anxiety, the restlessness, the sleepless nights, the panic, the fear, the concerns of life and the confusion of “how do I get what I want.”




Our online program is designed for you to unplug your mind and change your life. It’s simple. It’s revolutionary. And it’s designed for you to have the training and tools to create the life you want.

Every single participant has seen their life change from the moment they join. They step into a journey of their life that wouldn’t be possible without unplugging their mind. It’s a journey that we are proud of because we know that every person can create the life they want, and we support them and make it simple for them to experience it along the way.

Don’t waste more precious time in your life.