Are you living with situations that are out of your control?
Do you feel like your life isn’t how you want it to be?


What if you can live your life knowing
you can change any area of your life for the results you want.

Your mind is cluttered with past experiences and other people’s opinions. It’s constantly directing your life and it determines 99% of your actions. The actions you take from your Mind gives you the things you have and most of them are not the way you want it to be. 

Imagine unplugging your mind and accessing another part of you, we call your Self.  

This part of you, called your Self, gives you different actions which changes the results in any area of your life.
Join the hundreds of people who are changing their lives by unplugging their mind.


Read how our program members have changed their lives...

I became more confident, courageous, at peace with being my Self

“I found a new sense of myself. An acceptance. I have stopped being critical of myself, stopped second guessing myself and am at peace with my decisions. In many ways you could say that I own my decisions wholly. And I am doing things that I ordinarily would not do. I took a very long and adventurous trip. I left a bad job. I am inventing a new way to work and earn money. I stop often to appreciate this life I am in. I am calmer. I am more clear spoken and definitely and proudly own my words with no apology. I am less anxious. I stopped taking anti-anxiety medication. I am confident and courageous in ways I never was."

From considering a divorce to planning a second wedding

“My husband and I were seriously considering a divorce because I felt like I couldn’t live in this toxic relationship anymore. We would argue all the time. I would wake up to fights and accusations and really mean things. I would leave work events only to stand outside and argue on the phone with him.

I began unplugging my mind and weeks into it, my relationship changed. I started to experience him and appreciate him. I started to feel appreciated and loved in return. Soon after, divorce was not even a question. We got closer and would want to spend time together. After a few months into the program we actually started planning to have our second wedding! Who knew… but it’s true.

If I didn’t unplug my mind, we would have either remained in a toxic relationship until rock bottom or definitely gotten a divorce.”


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The Change Your Life Program trains you how to unplug your mind.

This practice connects you to your Self for uniquely different answers and actions.  

These answers and actions change your life. 

The worries and concerns you have in life disappear.

        This program is simple, personal and affordable.

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Meet Indira

Indira Dyal-Dominguez is an internationally renowned speaker, author and motivator. Indira published the innovative book “ YOU: A Spiritual Being on a Spiritual Journey, a new paradigm for living life” and is the founder of INDIRALife and the Change Your Life Program. For over 20 years Indira has been a pioneer in her field and she has led corporate workshops and seminars to Fortune 500 companies, individual and group programs, as well as training thousands of people to pursue their purpose to fulfill their dreams. 

Read these real stories of lives changing every day in the

Change Your Life Program...

Changing a difficult work environment to having unprecedented success

“I was always very ambitious. But working in the retail industry was making even ambitious people like me want to give up. The daily pressure to produce results and to exceed last year business with all of the odds stacked up against me was challenging and unfulfilling. I was looking for other jobs hoping to find a different work environment when I began the practice of unplugging my mind. Immediately I noticed my relationship with my bosses changing. Over a period of 12 months I went from feeling used up, unheard, unknown, just following orders to having my request for an assistant being accepted, being acknowledged for my work and my opinions on high level decisions taken seriously. I was given a raise twice and got promoted to a director within the year. I realized through the Change My Life Program that going to another job wasn’t the answer. Changing my life from unplugging my mind and getting the answers and actions from my Self increased my self-confidence, self-worth and gave me control of my life."

Having a more productive life, feeling more centered and grounded

"Unplugging my mind has made me more productive personally and professionally. I have become more centered and I am able to obtain a lot more perspectives of situations and myself that would be hard to see before. Overall, I feel like unplugging my mind and Connecting to my Self makes me more grounded and it’s a way of life that I will carry with me timelessly."

Finding peace through a painful knee recovery

"I recently had knee surgery and had to go through rigorous physical therapy. Usually the physical therapy sessions are very painful, and when I go through the Change My Life Program core training, the pain regularly feels more bearable. I still have very painful days through my recovery, but it’s really amazing considering that unplugging my mind has dimmed down my fear for and experience of severe pain, and it has made me more courageous to push myself more on the road to full recovery.

If I didn’t have the ability to unplug my mind for my health, I would not be as focused on my recovery and from my mind I would let other life demands take over my physical therapy sessions and my body’s desperate need to rest. My health would have continued to deteriorate."

Eliminating anxiety and getting off medication

"I dealt with anxiety since my early 20s. I used to get panic attacks and that led me to seeking medical help – getting on pills. After taking anxiety meds for years, it felt like it was “helping” but the problem was still there to deal with. It wasn’t a magic wand and my anxiety wasn’t getting better it was still there and I struggled with it. The side effects of the meds were coming in between other areas of my life (sex drive was low, my social anxiety was still there and I would stay home instead of going out with friends or being in social situations). My relationship was suffering. After I began unplugging my mind and Connecting to my Self, it’s now been 1 year where I have not taken ANY anxiety mediation. I feel really good! I feel more like myself.

My social anxiety has gone away. I feel excited now to be around other people and building friendships I feel less anxious in general and I trust people. My relationship and my health has completely changed. I now spend time doing social things with my significant other."